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Electric Sweeper / GC-EB20C

This product is a kind of using no sharp Angle, the plastic shell, totally enclosed design of modern new environmental protection home cleaning products. Its unique

light design, more let the user feeling is a rare home clean right-hand man. The user only has with his feet with a stamp on switch, sweeper and automatic operation,

don¡¯t must push. Its unique spiral brush design, but also will be dust sundry articles. Choose electric sweeper, will give the user bring new clean feeling.

Power supply:110V-220V
The charger:6V300MA
Size:310*165*68mm(1 pcs)
510*315*365mm(15 pcs)
Qty per 20¡¯ FCL:6930 PCS
Qty per 40¡¯ FCL:13860 PCS
Qty per 40¡¯ HQ:16170 PCS

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