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Connotation: honest, gentle, speed up, unity, innovation

Mission: committed to the national software development, and the advancement of human civilization;

Strategy: specialization, globalization, large-scale

Passion: to make every effort, the fight for first; confident solutions than problems; doing fine products, do in-depth professional, to the world, to do large-scale;

Organization: team work - collective wisdom and collective strength is the key to business success;

Ancestors funeral - identifying good right talent is a major event;

Race horses - based on performance to the promotion of cadres;

Emphasis on communication, boost morale - up and down with those who want to win.

Action: to help users successfully to help partners successfully help employees succeed;

Work when the creation, when the product works;

The importance of providing a complete program, emphasis on establishing long-term cooperation;

Four thousand spirit - do everything possible, painstakingly, thousands of miles, a thousand words;

Flexible, open, sophisticated, accessible Conduct.

In results: Fuyoufuqiang; contribute more for much.