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Electric Sweeper / GC-EB38A

Product description:
1.Powerful rotating brush, can clean the dirt from more than one direction.
2.Swivel sweeper head, can let you convenient to clean the furniture around.
3.Can safely in ceramic tile, wood, carpet use, need not worry will cause damage.
4.With extension rod cleaning head can sweep to difficult to into the corner.
5.Can be removed, hanging, very easy to collect.
6.Help you to complete the task easy cleaning.
7.Can one hand operation.
8.No power cord - you can use in any place.
9.Very light, only 1 kg.
10.The handle can be extended.
11.Battery charging circuit can be used, need not bear the additional cost to purchase a battery.
12.Put rubbish box can be easily remove, clean and fast and convenient.
13.Use high strength material manufacturing, can be more durable.

Motor power:9W
The charger:7.5V 200MA
Charging time:6-7 hours
Product idle time:more than 40 mins
Size: 380*300*78MM (1PCS)
625*400*485MM (12PCS)
Qty per 20¡¯ FCL: 2896 PCS
Qty per 40¡¯ FCL: 6048 PCS
Qty per 40¡¯ HQ: 6840 PCS

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